Why I Love the CGC Test

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April 13, 2017
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April 13, 2017

The CGC Certification is a standardized AKC National Registry. Any Service Dog or Therapy Dog Org can create it’s own Certification test. Any Org working with Greyhounds could choose to exclude a SIT. AKC Does NOT exclude any breed from any part of the test. As a CGC evaluator myself I called and asked, “What are the guidelines for Greyhounds? They don’t SIT.” The answer was, “They don’t SIT, They don’t pass.”

Contrary to the beliefs of Greyhound fans the AKC sees the Greyhound as, “Just another Dog.”

I have people call me to Certify their dogs as Service Dogs / Therapy Dogs. I tell them, “Your dog MUST first be able to pass a CGC test.” Many do not call me back. That’s how I weed out the Fakers.

If you want a REAL Service Dog then be prepared to Do The Work! If a Retired Racing Greyhound can be trained to pass a CGC test then ANY Dog can pass. Just DO THE WORK.

– Daniel

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